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If you are trying to find what men find attractive in women. If in dating or casual relationships. The answer would be simple what women looking for in men. And this article will help you to get that answer. Generally men are attracted to feminine characteristics and they look for them in the physique of a woman. So it is vivid, they like women who are observably women.

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Now what are the exact traits they look for in women in their body may differ from culture to culture. But in any culture, in any race, the shape of the body of women is different from men. And by nature men are attracted to that different shape, by the law of the nature.

What Do Men Find Attractive In Women?

Hence it is the apparent fact that girls who have larger bust and hips are attractive as they are antagonistic to the appearance of a man and that fill the void with the attraction.

The other physical traits that make meet dating girls attractive to man include longer legs in proportion to their trunk than men, smaller feet, and longer slimmer fingers, less or no body hair, fatter body, smoother skin and higher and more arched eyebrows.


In the majority of the cultures, they have longer hair on the head which men find very irresistible. So if you are trying to make yourself more attractive to most men, irrespective of what you look like, you just have to draw attention to or amplify your feminine characteristics. Here are some general ways that women adopt to do that:

•    wear high heels
•    deplete hair
•    put on some weight
•    Exfoliate face and the body.
•    Pluck the eyebrows and shape them well with eyebrow pencils or colors
•    grow long hair
•    grow nails and color them to emphasize them
•    wear clothes and jewelry that society presently considers feminine

Apart from that you can try good fitting inner wear and well fitting clothes that define you natural feminine shape. Even un attractive woman can make themselves look prettier by adopting right make up and dressing. Grooming matters a lot in the game of attraction.